Five Points Program of Service

When the member has received the five stars,
he will be awarded the Five Star Medal.

The application(s) must be certified by the Post/Squadron Adjutant.

Point No. 1 - A Star for Patriotism to the member who shows a knowledge of the history of the Flag, the proper ways displaying it and the proper respect due to it.
Point No. 2 - A star for Citizenship to the member who by his usefulness in activities outside the program of the Sons of The American Legion and displays a working knowledge of a good citizen.
Point No. 3 - A star for Discipline to the member who in all his activities shows respect for rules and obedience to them.
Point No. 4 - A star for Leadership to the member who develops the qualities of Leadership in athletics, drill formations, and church activities.
Point No. 5 - A star for Legionism to the member who thoroughly understands the ritualistic work and the program of activities for the Sons of The American Legion.