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district legion commander Ottoman,
 detachment sal commander Lemieux,
 sal squadron 66 commander Hess,
 Sal Squadron 66 Chaplin Colton Damjanovich,
 enjoying the Vets Appreciation Dinner


squadron 66 had a football  party Nov 1st enclosed is some pictures from it and a list of the winners and what they won , we sold the squares for $25.00 each (100X25=2500.00) with the payouts, TV, and the food, we made a profit of around 850.00 it took around 10 days to sell the squares, the beer companies made signs for us and gave the legion a price break on some beer, also gave us t-shirts, coolies, and different stuff for door prizes, we gave a ticket away for each beer bought and during timeouts and quarters breaks  drew tickets for t-shirts ect. for food we had hot wings, chili, meatballs, usage, and chips and dips, salsa also the football cake. this is a great super bowl fundraiser, and as most of you know now the Detachment Commander Greg and wife bought the first square on the board and won the TV.  We took 100 numbered papers in a hat, than numbered the squares and his number was drawn out, the lucky dog.