Ten Ideals Program


PATRIOTISM Turn out for Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day parades and ceremonies. Lear. the Proper display of the Flag. Learn the "Pledge of Allegiance".
HEALTH Write and essay on how to maintain sanitary conditions to promote health in: (1) Your home (2) in the Post home (Give examples of sanitation and safety standard in your Post home), and (3) in camps and outdoors in general. Explain what you do daily to keep fit.
TRAINING Become a Squadron officer, or assist a Squadron officer(s) during and between meetings and activities.
KNOWLEDGE Maintain a passing mark in school. Know the instructions for the ten ideals and five points of service. Explain what each individual part means. This may be written or oral. Know what the Sons of The American Legion Emblem stands for. Explain orally what each part of the Emblem stands for.
HONOR Honorable service in the Squadron over a period of six months shall qualify you for this award. Honesty of action and purpose, and truthfulness will help you achieve this.
FAITH Good conduct and willingness to obey instructions over a period of six months will earn the Squadron's recognition of your faith in its leadership and ideals.
HELPFULNESS Develop reasonably consistent attendance at meetings and other functions. Volunteer for tasks for the good of the Squadron and be reliable in carrying out your part. Help promote your Squadron by signing up at least one new member, and help collect dues from existing members.
COURTESY Apply yourself diligently to show you are polite and respectful to your comrades, officers, Legionnaires, and others with whom you come in contact.
REVERENCE Show where you are a member of some religious organization. Aid in placing markers and flowers on veterans' graves.
COMRADESHIP Show the tie that binds you to the Squadron and American Legion by helping with the annual poppy sale, thus aiding disabled veterans. Help cheer some veteran in a hospital or his home.